about us

About Us

A Tale of a Pioneer

Incorporated in May 3, 1984, our company began as one modest farm with the determination and the desire to grow into a major flower producer. It is wonderful to look back and retrace twenty-two years of dedicated service to our clients and our communities in the flower business.

Our founder, Mr. Ricardo Davalos, an honest, determined leader and business visionary, developed a loyal and dedicated workforce. Together, his team overcame numerous obstacles in developing this business and earned a reputation for excellence in this industry.

As a pioneer in the Ecuadorian flower business, we have always depended on our team’s expertise to develop and improve each of the specific components of the business from cultivating, packing and shipping to providing around the clock customer service. We think ourselves as a professional learning community focused on finding innovative ways to better serve our clients in all areas of the business; we are never satisfied with where we are now – our vision is to always be thinking ahead of the needs of our clients.

Looking back and reflecting about how far our company has grown, we feel fortunate that not only has the business developed, but the nearby communities have greatly benefited from this new found prosperity. As we move into the coming years, we look brightly ahead to future opportunities continuing to strive to serve our clients and respect and support the local communities.



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